Why use a Momentum broker.

Are you looking for a broker to deal with your insurance requirements? It’s essential you feel confident that you’re dealing with someone with the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the right advice and service. Someone who understands your business, can help you mitigate risks and find you a policy that matches your needs.

With Momentum, you get the personal touch of a local broker backed up by the strength and bargaining power of a bigger business. With more than 60 local and specialist brokers in our network, there will be someone with expertise in your industry who talks your language.

Industry expertise

Insurance is technical and can be difficult to understand. Momentum’s brokers are experts in their field and simplify the process and language for you. They’ll make sure you know what your options are before you buy. You can then make an informed decision on the insurance that’s right for you.

Our broker partners take part in a programme of continuous professional training and development. They are always up to -date with the latest industry news, regulatory requirements and new products on the market.

Access to insurance markets

Depending on the kind of insurance you’re looking for, you may not be able to contact an insurer directly to arrange it. For example, the majority of UK commercial insurance companies don’t deal directly with businesses – they’ll only accept business presented to them by a broker. A Momentum broker gives you access to more than 220 national and international markets, including the London market and most UK niche and mainstream insurers. They will find you the appropriate insurer for your needs.

Local insights

Our Momentum brokers know their communities and are aware of the risks you’ll likely face. They can keep you up-to-date with local news that may affect you and offer tailored personal advice. They can even facilitate introductions between you and other local services that you may want to use.

Personalised service

Contacting an insurance company these days means waiting in a queue to a call centre or having a chat online. A Momentum broker will develop a personal relationship with you so they understand your requirements, can give you suitable advice and deal with your queries. They will represent your interests with insurers and focus on your needs. If you have to make a claim, a Momentum broker will support you through the process and deal with your insurance company on your behalf. They will work with the insurer to achieve the best outcome for you.

Product suitability

Momentum brokers are insurance professionals. They understand what you need as a customer and the products offered by insurance companies. It is their job to find you the most suitable products, something you might find difficult if you are unfamiliar with insurance. They’ll make sure your insurance covers what you need and will also explain what it doesn’t cover. So, you’ll know exactly where you stand if you have to make a claim. They will make sure you’re fully protected with the right policy.

Backed by a professional network

Using a Momentum broker gives you the best of both worlds. A personal service with the strength, expertise and support of a much larger organisation. Your broker is backed up by a team of highly experienced insurance professionals with a proven track record. You’ll get access to insurance schemes created exclusively for Momentum brokers. You’ll also benefit from lower premiums thanks to the collective bargaining power of the network working together on behalf of its clients.

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