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Looking after remote workers


Working from home during COVID-19

As the UK begins to ‘unlock’ it is likely that homeworking will stay in place for some time to come.

Employers are responsible for the safety of their employees even if they are working from home. The Health and Safety Executive has created a guide for employers, including advice on managing stress and mental health.

In addition, please take a look at some useful guides and fact sheets for you and your employees.

An employer’s quick guide to managing remote workers

This guide serves as an introduction to managing remote employees and includes best practices for keeping employees engaged. It also includes sample remote working policies, agreements and checklists to help you establish a remote working program.

The guide should be used for informational purposes only and not be considered as legal guidance.

If you would like to have editable versions of any of the documents in this guide, please contact us and we’ll send them to you.

Employee Work From Home Guide

Use this guide to outline your company’s work from home, policy and expectations, and educate your employees on best practices for working from home.

Please note that this guide requires extensive customisation to reflect your organisation’s policies on remote working. You can download the guide in word format and make the necessary amendments before saving the document as a pdf for your employees.

Mental Health Fact Sheet

As more organisations move to online working, human connections are more important than ever. That’s come into sharp focus with so many people suddenly having to work from home while self-isolating.

This fact sheet, produced by Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) has tips for supporting your mental health and feeling connected with colleagues. It particularly focuses on getting into a daily routine and setting up your workspace; finding ways to be active; staying in touch with colleagues and getting support for yourself.